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*Vision Therapy/ Binocular Vision Testing is also offered for:

Vision related Learning problems, computer vision syndrome (CVS), and eyestrain/headaches.   View this CNN report above regarding the similarities of ADD/ ADHD symptoms and Convergence Insuffienciency (Binocular Vision Disorder).


Our office uses the computerized HTS Home Therapy System for treatment of

Amblyopia, Convergence Insufficiency and reading disorders.

Dr. Campisi explains Accellerated Orthok on Ch8           TV News Anchor AJ Hammer

Correcting Vision While You Sleep                                       Enjoys the benefits of OrthoK

(Interview from former Mystic location-2005)

Optomap Retinal Imaging permits non-dilated views of the retina as seen on CH8 news ( interview from my former Mystic office) Now Available in Waterford location!

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